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Monday on the INDIE CORNER!

Skeptical Minds Double Shot

Artist: Skeptical Minds

Title: Kharon Format: Digital CD(a physical version will be released later)

Label: Independent Release

This new album is their fifth long player and fourth studio album. It is also the second episode of the “Omega Thanatos” trilogy. The release date was set for December 8, 2023 (the record is only being released digitally for now, a physical version is for later).
( Gothic / Industrial / Electro / Metal )

For fans of Evanescence, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Massive Attack, Bjork and so on….


  1. The Awakening
  2. Desert
  3. The Old Man
  4. Compass
  5. Cocoon
  6. Reunion
  7. The Key
  8. Rebels
  9. The Training
  10. War Is Coming
  11. The Path

      :DJZorn:The Big Show returns tomorrow with a FreeStyle Mix of how I’ve been feeling lately. No regular Show segments tonight at all as we skew some genres and mash some beats.

      Music samples tonight from or including The Scorpions, Dan Mangan, Dobie Gray, Our Lady Peace, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Stiff Little Fingers, Van Halen, Jamwayne & more.

      15min of extra time is packed for 10PM ET on Star Radio ONLY including replay of my Chester Bennington tribute with Live video inside Studio Eleven Star Discord if an Encore is needed.

      02/19/24 7PM ET

      Monday Jan 29th 5PM ET <<<<< The INDIE CORNER Launches

      Freaks! You’ll hear some brand new Singles like this one from our Friends The Michael Botte Band…

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      This Thursday is my Fall Indie Compilation Live at 7PM ET / 12 UK TotalRock | Digital Revolution Radio | Star Radio | Tripl3 Troubl3 Radio

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      On the Big Show Thursday, it’s Indie Night. All things Indie. A compilation of some excellent and acclaimed music submissions to the Show over past few months. No order, No favorites or Best Of Indie lists, just 150 minutes of a variety of sounds from around the world.

      :Shocked:Get heard with Shout outs all night and Star Discord is ground zero for fun with the REQUEST LINES OPEN all night!!>>>>>>>> So join us Live in any chat channel or the Discord and hang with the Freaks & have an absolute Blast!

      ⚡Listener Discretion is advised, not all language is suitable for all ages, some content has explicit elements.

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      Thursday on the Zorn Show I sit down with Jon Lloyd from Superposition and discuss the bands latest works and collabs.

      %100 Rock & Roll 3hour Show not to miss on Thursday

      Thursday Oct 26th is my 6th Annual Halloween Show
      Not To Be Missed 3 hour SpookFest with Angry, Violent & Creepy music.

      Some Classics as well as some Remix, a suprise or 2 and some fresh takes on some must haves.

      No details of this Show will be released ahead of time.

      Visit #halloween-music if you’d like to try and contribute. <<<< Click the Link & Party with our Members and celebrate Halloween all week long!

      Kimberly & Jon Loyd from Mammas Maiden Studio & Superposition stop by the Show to discuss their latest works and collaborations October 5th

      Very fun, friendly & talented people who have worked with some names in the business and have had their work shared everywhere.

      Good friends to the Show and it was a pleasure working with them on an original piece for myself as well that turned out fantastic with it’s own sound score.

      Check them out on YouTube!

      Reign of Fire is a progressive/hard rock/metal band. ROF has been a long distance recording project working on the completion of a concept album. The members live in Florida and Nevada. Band information is available via our website. We are available on all streaming services and social media.

      Names involved in Interview: Joe Booe

      Affiliation: Lead singer for the band Reign of Fire

      Hear my exclusive interview with Joe & the band’s latest Single Live on the Zorn Show 09/21 7PM ET