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The DJ Zorn Show Feb 22nd 2024 Podcast & Playlist

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⚡The DJ Zorn Show as Live on Star Radio Canada, Digital Revolution Radio, TotalRock & Tripl3 Troubl3 Radio

| Rock | HIP-HOP | Hard Rock | Rap | Remixed | “Episode#182-FreeStyle”

:ZornCertified:On the Big Show tonight…a FreeStyle Mix of how I’ve been feeling lately. No regular Show segments tonight at all as we skew some genres and mash some beats. Music samples tonight from or including The Scorpions, Dan Mangan, Dobie Gray, Our Lady Peace, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Stiff Little Fingers, Van Halen, Jamwayne & more. 15min of extra time is packed for 10PM ET on Star Radio ONLY including replay of my Chester Bennington tribute also with Live video inside Studio Eleven Star Discord if an Encore is needed.

:Shocked:The INDIE CORNER in concert with Asher Media & Crescent City Gumbo is Live this Monday FEB 26th at 5PM ET <<< Submissions ONLINE EVENT

Get heard tonight in Star Discord all night!!>>>>>>>>

⚡Listener Discretion is advised, not all language is suitable for all ages, some content has explicit elements.

Special Thanks Also to the Following:

Kasey Ferguson, Ell Young, GeekMob Web Design, KC’s Kick Ass Rock Show, Crescent City Gumbo, Asher Media, Rich Embury, BDR

🔥Torch is lit 7PM ET Sharp!

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**Slight Alterations on the Playlist to adjust for time & or Requests** 

Episode# 182 “FreeStyle”

  1. Sanford and Son Theme-XsE9aglVu4U-192k-1690303599
  3. Our Lady Peace – Angels Losing Sleep
  4. Crosby Stills, Nash & Neil Young – Ohio
  5. Brian Jonestown Massacre – Open Heart Surgery
  6. The Rumjacks – A Fistful O’ Roses
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers/Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures Of Rain Dance Magg
  8. The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
  9. T Rex – Bang a Gong
  10. Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight
  11. Dark Tryal – Advert
  12. Gone Savage – Gone Savage – Star Radio Canada
  13. Dobie Gray – Drift Away
  14. The Trews – Yearning
  15. Dan Mangan – Troubled Mind
  16. TotalRock – TR Jingle The Best
  17. TotalRock Bumper – Triple A Classic
  18. Scorpions – Send Me an Angel
  19. Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
  21. Van Halen – Right Now
  22. Helix – Heavy Metal Love
  23. MGMT – Kids
  24. I’d Love To Change The World – Ten Years After
  25. Cinderella – Shelter Me
  26. TR Jingles – TR Online To The World
  27. DJ Arubatto – Star Mix Sweeper 2024
  28. Creed – Six Feet From the Edge
  29. Violet – Hole
  30. Måneskin – GOSSIP ft Tom Morello
  31. Shinedown – MONSTERS
  32. Tonic – If You Could Only See -Remastered
  33. Korn – Word Up!
  34. Crazy Town – Butterfly
  35. 1hr10m * DIRTY THIRTY * – * DIRTY THIRTY *
  36. – Classic Dirty RIP
  37. Rage Against The Machine with Deadmau5 – Killing In The Name Of
  38. Ozzy Osbourne with Carly Rae Jepsen – Maybe Train (Call Me Crazy)
  39. Survivor with Adele – Rolling with the Tiger
  40. Crazy In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel & Gnarls Barkley Mash-Up
  41. JamWayne – No Problems
  42. Linkin Park, with Bring Me The Horizon – MISERY
  43. Lanie Gardner – Dreams
  44. Michael Jackson with The Doors – Billie Jean on the Storm
  46. – BULLETPROOF -Ivar the Boneless
  47. – BURN IT DOWN
  48. Mandoza – Nkalakatha
  49. Papa roach with Crazy Town – Shout
  50. Papa Roach – Last Resort with Eazy E
  52. – June Ryah Rocking with DJ Zorn
  53. Prodigy with Dr.Dre – Megatron
  54. Phil Collins with 2Pac – In The Air Tonight
  55. Switched Up-Zorn Black Mass – I’ll be missing you
  56. Linkin Park with Metallica – My December Matters
  57. Linkin Park -Zorn Black Mass – Tribute to Chester Bennington

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