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The DJ Zorn Show April 4th 2024 Podcast & Playlist

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Including Full Bonus Hour with DJ Bonnie & MP4 Take Home Track

⚡The DJ Zorn Show as Live on Star Radio Canada, TotalRock & Tripl3 Troubl3 Radio

| Rock | Hard Rock | Remix | “Episode#188-“Experiment 24”

:ZornCertified:On the Big Show tonight…a test firing of some experimental NEW MUSIC & lots of it in every single Show segment. Choice highlights of 2024 releases thus far across a few genres. Opening the Show tonight with another great Zorn Classic Vinyl in it’s entirety as supplied by The Publicity Connection UK kicking off a very modern and urban 40min RockBlock for TotalRock. Closing the Show tonight with a replay of my Spanish Train Remix by request.

:StarDisciple:Special MP4 Take Home Track in the Final Set, Connect Link is on our Website

It’s also Tax Season, so watch out for the Taxman and other obstacles on the list this evening. A Brand New Dirty Thirty later on mixed live for those upfront. No real extra time is planned tonight. Your Star Radio Double Shot is also new and features Shinedown. Mandatory Metallica features only Rob Trujillo of the band with Apocalyptica which is not to be missed.

NEW MUSIC tonight from The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, The Black Keys, Liam Gallagher, Kings of Leon, The Warning, Twenty One Pilots, Godsmack,, PAIN, Jeris Johnson, Judas Priest, From Ashes to New, Alien Ant Farm, Five Finger Death Punch, and so much more!

:Shocked: The INDIE CORNER Episode 6 in concert with Asher Media & Crescent City Gumbo is Live Monday April 15th at 5PM ET <<< Submissions

Get heard tonight in Star Discord all night!!>>>>>>>>

⚡Listener Discretion is advised, not all language is suitable for all ages, some content has explicit elements.

🔥Torch is lit 7PM ET Sharp Every Thursday!

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Another Free Special MP4 Take Home Track from DJ Zorn

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**Slight Alterations on the Playlist to adjust for time & or Requests** 

Episode #188 “Experiment 24”

  1. YES -Zorn Classic Vinyl – Roundabout – Live
  2. Audioslave – I Am the Highway
  3. The Rolling Stones – Angry
  4. Concrete Blonde – Joey
  5. 311 – Love Song
  6. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues
  7. Sir – Sly
  8. Half Moon Run – Turn Your Love -Live at the Edge of 228 Younge st.
  9. The Beatles – Taxman -Remixed
  10. k-os – Holy Cow
  11. The Black Crowes – Wanting and Waiting
  12. The Black Keys – This Is Nowhere
  13. Michelle Livnigs – Rock Shop Promo Long
  14. TotalRock – TR Jingle The Best
  15. Liam Gallagher & John Squire – Mars To Liverpool
  16. Kings Of Leon – Mustang
  17. The Warning – Hell You Call A Dream
  19. Alice In Chains – I Stay Away
  20. Bush – The Chemicals Between Us
  21. Safari Song – Greta Van Fleet
  22. Twenty One Pilots – Overcompensate
  23. TotalRock Bumper – Triple A Classic
  24. Frijid Pink – House of the Rising Sun -Remastered
  25. Atreyu – You Give Love A Bad Name
  26. Godsmack – Cryin’ Like a Bitch
  27. Måneskin – OFF MY FACE
  28. Jeris Johnson – When The Darkness Comes
  29. PAIN – Go With The Flow
  30. Judas Priest – Trial By Fire
  31. Finally Fucking Friday – Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke
  32. JC – Zorn Show Right Now
  33. From Ashes To New ft. Chrissy from Against The Current – Barely Breathing
  34. Alien Ant Farm – Fade
  35. – Paul
  36. Eminem – Criminal
  38. Apocalyptica – The Four Horsemen ft. Rob Trujillo
  39. Five Finger Death Punch – Times Like These
  40. DoubleShotDoubleShot
  41. Shinedown – Enemies
  42. Shinedown – The Dead Don’t Die
  44. – Star Radio Superstar 20 second promo
  45. PSA – Amber Alert
  46. – The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For
  47. Station ID – Pat Gwinn Zorn
  48. DJ Arubatto – Star Mix Sweeper 2024
  49. Banger Station ID – Dirty Thirty Intro2
  50. Here it Comes Station ID – Dirty Thirty Intro3
  51. – Total Banger
  52. – Bring Me To Shady
  53. Mandoza – Nkalakatha
  54. – Don’t You Want Me
  55. – Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up
  56. – We Can Work It Out
  57. Zorn Black Mass – Billie Jean is Staying Alive
  58. – *Diamonds
  59. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll -Remixed
  60. – Rolling with the Tiger
  61. Chris De Burgh -Zorn Black Mass – Spanish Train
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